Millenium Cleaning - We Love The Jobs You Hate
*** Winter is here! ***
To Our Customers:
We want to wish you a very healthy and happy holiday season. 
We want to highlight the below from our FAQs page:
We live in Colorado and we all know that it can be sunny and in a blink covered in a foot of snow. That being said our office follows Academy D-20 for closing/delays. We try to call the day prior when we know that the weather is going to be bad. Please remember our staff are not emergency personnel and don't need to put their lives or anyone else's lives at risk in hazardous weather conditions.
Sickity sick sick sick:
We like everyone else get sick, tis the season.  However we do not go into people's houses sick, defeats the purposes of trying to kill germs if we are spreading them.  All of our staff have gotten the flu shot and are taking probiotics/vitamens but our immune systems are exposed to a multitude of germs as well.  Please understand that we do not enjoy having to cancel but your safety and health is our priority. 
The best gift: TIME!
We have gift certificates available for those loved ones on your list that are "hard to shop for".  What better way to show you value them by giving them back the gift of time.   
Best Regards
The Administration Staff of Millenium Cleaning
"We Love the Jobs You Hate"